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Reading user agreements and privacy policies are not a good use of time or effective in vetting privacy and security protections. UVision allows people to find and analyze consented policies, agreements, track record and related information free of charge in addition to ongoing monitoring.


How to maintain compliance and assurances is one of the major problems of companies that collect or process personal and privacy data especially with a growing world of fragmented standards and regulations. UVision allows organizations, their procurement teams, and their third party vendors to get transparent information for data protection standards.


Currently auditors and assessors of various privacy and cybersecurity standards store this information in a fragmented way and often it's not quick or easy to find this information. It's often not clear if an auditor really has certified a tech company for a standard or when. UVision provides a trusted place for auditors and companies to disclose and showcase the track record and history of compliance audits.


Governments, law enforcement and regulators are often addressing and enforcing laws often after a major data breach has occurred which affects people and customers often too late after damage is done. UVision provides useful data since these organizations are often lacking insights to effectively monitor the trust and accountability of target businesses and organizations.

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