Understand Business & IT Risks

What is the Risk Report?
This is a report providing a summary of an organization's privacy and data protection posture with influencing risk factors.

How can I use this report?
For a company, privacy and data protection risk today standards for customers and consumers as well as regulators, if not properly handled could lead to regulatory enforcement, law suits, financial liabilites, loss of brand trust and loss of revenues not to mention business to competitors. What we provide is done through UVision's objective, external discovery and analysis. You can also opt in to be even more transparent to be even more compliant with standards for data protection with legal consequences. Your risk report is just the start of improving your privacy risk.

What can I expect from the Assessment Report?

  • Access a snapshot report for a limited time

  • Know what the findings are and what they mean in terms of risks across multiple contexts

  • Learn how an organization's privacy performance compares to competitors & peers in the relevant industry

  • Learn how to use the score to influence corrective action with risk prioritized data based on issue severity.

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